Is your DSLR gathering dust because you get overwhelmed at the mere thought of figuring out how to turn it on? It’s time to get the confidence you need to ditch Auto mode and start taking beautiful photos. This introduction to shooting and editing is ideal for hobbyist photographers who want to learn to shoot on manual and learn the ins and outs of editing in Lightroom.

Do you want to make time stand still and capture your kids’ childhood? Take irresistible product pictures for your brand? Document your world travels to look back on one day and show your grandkids? Yes? Then this is a perfect session for you.

No matter your goals, we’ll start by meeting for 60 minutes to master manual mode. From there, I’ll give you 1-2 weeks to practice what you've learned. We’ll then meet again for 60 minutes to review your images, go over questions, and edit 10-15 of your favorite shots in Lightroom. You’ll learn all the basic features of this robust software so that you learn how to enhance your images.

Book a session to finally put to use that DSLR to good use and capture life's moments to frame them on your walls.


intro to shooting and editing

for HOBBYIST photographers

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These sessions gave me the information and courage needed to start the transition from shooting in automatic to manual. I never knew the proper way to learn and got comfortable shooting in automatic. This class really opened me up to shooting in manual. The information and examples provided helped me learn and feel comfortable to try it on my own. This was an easy digestible way to step into shooting in manual. I'm so happy to have learned from a professional! I can't wait to continue practicing!


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I have been taking pictures for a long time and was completely self taught with lots of trial and error. I always thought I took pretty good pictures but I knew I wasn’t taking the excellent pictures like I saw professionals take. Reading and looking up techniques does not compare to talking to someone face to face and getting the answers to your specific questions. I had been wanting to talk to someone and pick their brain so I could improve my skills for a while, so this was absolutely perfect!

katie c.

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