If you’re tired of spending money on presets that give you inconsistent results, the Editing Intensive is perfect for you. 

Once you book, I’ll ask you to fill out a pre-session questionnaire to identify the challenges you’re facing when editing your images and determine the style of editing you’re looking to achieve. Then you’ll send over 20-25 images from different shoots or events to learn how to achieve a consistent editing style across all your work. We’ll do this through Lightroom Smart Previews so that you can walk away with a catalog of your edited images and have a record of your editing history to refer back to when needed. 

During the session, you’ll be able to see the exact process required to achieve your desired results and ask any questions that come to mind. 


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Alex and Jay have an incredible excellence in which they create their art and perform their business! That same excellence was carried out in our tutoring session! They went above and beyond to make sure I walked away with all of my questions answered and that I had knowledge to apply to my own photography. My time with them was invaluable and I will definitely be booking them again for more instruction! It was worth the investment!